Nov 16th, 2012
KO’ed! So cute! #kitten #fatty #appa
Nov 9th, 2012
The garden at the #woodlandparkzoo ! #pretty  #flower #garden #Seattle
Oct 28th, 2012
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Oct 25th, 2012
#tbt my brother’s play with @j_fay !! Miss them (: #somuchfun #throwbackthursday #family #awesome
Oct 23rd, 2012

In my multicultural we are discussion the difference of Power between women and men. Its pretty interesting to me how these things work out as i’ve been analyzing this throughout the last couple of weeks. I grew up being my own individual, knowing that I have my own Power and that i shouldn’t allow anyone to take that away from me. I’ve never really seen why men always have to be the dominate one in a relationship/ family. Growing up my dad was never around, my mom worked 3 jobs and took care of 2 kids by herself and she did a pretty good job alone. It seemed that she always pushed us to never depend on a man for anything and to be who we are and to not be something that we aren’t. Trust me she wasn’t one of the Man hater single parents she just wanted us to be prepared if a man fucked us over like my dad did. She never sugar coated anything, which i really appriciate. She also told me that if a man doesn’t appreciate you for you its definitely not worth it. Which is completely true, i definitely struggled with figuring that out for years but it fell in to place when i didn’t expect it to. Sorry i needed to rant ha! But yeah i’m blessed to be able to experience the things i’ve experience and to be a confident women. 

Oct 23rd, 2012
(: so nice to spend the day with @j_fay !! Haven’t been able to go on a date with this guy in forevaaaaa!
Oct 22nd, 2012
Bommmmmmb ! @asheeezy
Oct 19th, 2012
#slut #legswideopen #appa. Our cat knows how to roll over !
Oct 18th, 2012
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Oct 8th, 2012
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